Silk-screen printing is one of the printing methods used for one or multicolored branding of writing instruments on different surfaces (plastic, metal) as well as other gadgets.

Thanks to developed method of printing all-round, it is also possible to print on rounded subjects.



This is printing technique for small, not necessarily flat surfaces. It is suitable for various types of plastic, metal or wood. Pad printing has a high durability and versatility.



Screen printing technique that allows for printing on curved and round shapes. This method increases of printing area on the subject and execution of printing all-round the barrel of a pen.
Thanks to this service pen becomes a powerful carrier of extended information and can be an attractive tool for marketing communication.


This is a special kind of printing using colored brocade. The service can be performed with all-round printing. Brocade decoration is treated as a separate color printing.


Special assembly gives a possibility to match the colors of some ballpen parts for individual customers needs. It enables assembling of the ballpen within the Lecce Pen color range, available for the particular model.


Services available for models: Fantazja: KIKI, X-FIVE, X-EIGHT, ALLEGRA, OTTO, GOLFF


clip imprint / label polymer: AIRY, OTTO

Special production PMS

Pens are in unusual colors. The shades are chosen from the Pantone Matching System.


Digital Printing allows you to restore images over the entire surface of the body.

Offer applies types: FUTURA, AIRY

Digital overprinting 360°

360° is perfect for your creativity. Digital foil allows you to recreate photos on the whole surface of product’s body. This offer relates to the following models: FUTURA, X-NINE, NOVE.

Clip Logo Standard & Special

Apart from a wide range of standard clip shapes, we also make special clips based on our
client’s design. The immediate associations that logo clips evoke help to identify with a brand.


This is a 3D label convex, covered with a two-component polyurethane resin or epoxy resin. Sticker is placed both on standard clips and on individually designed clips according to customer requirements.



The rotate inner tube inside the pen let moving text message in 6 lines. Variant depends of colours possible to assembly in Standard, Fantasy or special colors – PMS

Custom packaging

We offer individual solutions as far as the packaging of our pens is concerned. No matter whether it is single
baggie or cardboard etui with the shape and overprint adjusted to client’s preferences.


Exclusive look at low cost. With SATIN COVERING pen gets an elegant and original look.


Offer applies types: KIKI, MIR, X-EIGHT. Available colors: silver, gold (From minimum quantity 1000 pcs, we are also able to make satinating acc. to Pantone Matching System color range).

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